Six Tips to Become a Better Leader

Great Leaders are Intentional.

Great leaders are deliberate about how they lead, all of the time. That is why being a strong leader is theoretically simple, but difficult in practice.

Becoming a strong leader takes training and determination. It’s something leaders have to work at every day with intention. Great leaders know that they need to be attentive when they communicate. They actively respond instead of react to ensure they are building dynamic relationships wherever possible. Great leaders are not reactive unless they absolutely have to be.

Here are some tips on how to practice Intentional Leadership:

1. Make time to lead

Set aside dedicated time each week to think about what your team needs from you. Build in planning time for the people on your team the same way you build in planning time for a big project or presentation. 

2. Invest in one-on-one time

Invest in one-on-one time with the employees on your team to build each individual relationship and get to know your people. The better you know your people the more intentionally you will be able to communicate, play to their strengths, recognize them appropriately and deal with problems when they arise. 

3. Delegate

Be intentional about delegating to individuals on your team. It is an opportunity for you to free up space on your desk so you can continue to be more intentional and make time to lead. It is also a great way to continue to build a relationship with employees by showing trust and confidence in their abilities. 

4. Find complementary partners

Be intentional about finding complementary partners to support you. You can’t be great at everything. So what things do you struggle with and where could you leverage a peer or someone on your team to hold you accountable, provide support or partner with you to succeed or deliver on something specific. 

5. Be collaborative

Intentionally look for opportunities each week to get an individuals expertise and input or leverage the whole team for their ideas. Perhaps they will have great ideas you hadn’t thought of and you’ll be able to leverage their expertise further on something or delegate it to them entirely. 

6. Reflect

Be sure to reflect on the overall commitment level of your team. If commitment is scarce or waning, it may have something to do with you and your leadership approach. Are you doing everything you need to be doing to build commitment day in and day out? Are you demonstrating your own commitment to the team and organization? 

Why it matters? 

Great leaders know that people leadership isn’t something that can be done off the side of their desk when they have time. Leadership and employee engagement are a constant everyday on-going process. And leaders usually get the employees they deserve. If you aren’t happy with the level of commitment you are seeing from your team it may be time to recommit yourself to Intentional Leadership and ensure that you are actively making time to lead and looking for every opportunity to build commitment. 

Remember: Great leaders get the employees they deserve. If you want to change the dynamic of your team and increase engagement and commitment — it starts with you, the leader.

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